GEISTE, UAB is company producing photo frames in Lithuania. Our company started out as a framing and retailing business, grew over time and opened a factory producing frames in large quantities. More than 15 years we produce various photo frames and became one of the biggest photo frames manufactures in Baltic States. The company currently owns a frame factory (manufacture and wholesale of frames) and a framing workshop “Rėminimo centras” (retail sale of frames, individual framing). Our customers are wholesalers, printing companies, online stores, supermarkets, photo shops and galleries. Our company is proud for our natural oak frames and other wooden frames, which have been evaluated in Scandinavian and Southern Europe markets. We offer frames with high quality and good price to our clients. We have our assortment but we are also open for ideas and projects of our customer, we can produce such frames as you request. Let our experience work for You.